A bit of a swap..

I don’t know how many people still read this blog, or if anyone new has stumbled across it, but I’ve had a bit of a swap. I now blog from CosyCaitlin.wordpress.com covering a range of subjects. I still Instagram from HannahsChange, but all my blogging is now done over on CosyCaitlin 🙂

Thanks! Hope to see you over there!

Hannah xx


After a month on Weight Watchers..

So for anyone who has been following me on instagram or my previous blogs you will know previously I haven’t really followed a diet, I just tried to eat well and stay active. Although this worked for the most part I found myself slipping occasionally, especially when it came to treating myself. I’d already started thinking about joining Weight Watchers as my close friends at uni are on it, and have been doing really well, so when it popped up on Groupon I couldn’t say no!

I’m now 5 weeks in and according to my scales (although rather temperamental!) I have lost 10lbs, and I’m classing that as a good result!!

I always get a bit scared following weightloss programs as sometimes they can be really hard to follow, and I tend to drop out after the first month or so. I have, however, been pleasantly surprised with Weight Watchers! It’s much easier than I thought, and I don’t feel as restricted as I normally do with these things. I can have treats, and go out for meals, and not feel guilty whilst still seeing the number go down on my scales! I’ve found myself eating much more fruit and veg and enjoying trying new, healthier foods.

One thing I’ve found that has really helped is doing a meal plan at the beginning of the week, and keeping track of my points, but I’ll talk about that in another blog!


If your thinking about starting Weight Watchers I would definitely say give it a go, even if its just for a trial period, and see how far you can get. I’m grateful my friends gave me the idea of joining as I’m now closer to my goal weight than I have ever been!


Hannah xxx

Who says you can’t eat what you want?

I woke up this morning with my evening meal already planned, but as we all know tastes can change throughout the day! For some reason I started craving a burger, something I can grab and eat, but I didn’t have what I needed for it. Well, I thought I didn’t! I realised I had some chicken defrosted for what I had planned to eat, instead of having a baked sweet potato I could have sweet potato fries, and I had half an onion that needed cooking anyway!


The first thing I did was peel and cut the sweet potato into fries, placed them on a baking sheet and sprayed them with the Fry Light 1 cal Sunflower spray. I placed them in the oven for 20 minutes at 200°c. Once I had done this I prepped my chicken, put some cajun spice on both sides and popped that in the oven for 40 minutes. After 20 minutes I took the fries out of the oven, flipped them all over and sprayed them with some more Fry Light, then sprinkled them with a tiny bit of salt.

10 minutes before the food was ready I went back into the kitchen and chopped up my half onion. I placed this in a frying pan with the Fry Light and cooked until they were soft and slightly golden. I had some wholemeal baps in the freezer so just before the food came out of the oven I got one out and defrosted it, then placed it in the toaster so it had a bit of a crunch!

I don’t know how I managed it but all my food was ready on time! I took everything out of the oven, arranged my bun with onions and tomato ketchup, placed the chicken inside and closed it up (I cut off the thickest part of the chicken and ate that with a knife and fork). I then placed my fries on the plate and added some light mayonnaise and ketchup on the side.



It ended up really nice and satisfied my craving well!! Because of the variations I used it didn’t turn out too unhealthy either, which is a bonus! Pretty good saying I wasn’t planning on having it for dinner!

Summer recap and university

Its official, my summer is well and truly over and I am back into the thick of year 3 at university!

Towards the end of my summer I went on holiday to Florida for 3 weeks. I say to myself that when I am on holiday I am not going to restrict myself from eating what I want, if I want a pop tart or cupcake I will have it!! I thought it would be a lot harder to want healthy choices whilst there, however I was very proud of what I ate! Yes I had a lot of sweet things, and when we ate out I went for the veggie burgers or pasta, but when we ate in I made the right choices and stuck mainly to what I have been eating the last few months. One thing I find easier in America is to avoid the bread! I try to only eat bread once or twice a week at home, and then it is still wholegrain, and I sometimes find this difficult. However I have never liked American bread (its just too sweet!) so not eating it over there was a welcome change! I had the odd few pieces with burgers and garlic bread, but I didn’t have any sandwiches etc!

I thought after my holiday I would have put on quite a lot of the weight I lost over the summer due to working, however I didn’t feel or look too different which made me feel a whole lot less guilty about treating myself! Although I haven’t jumped on the scales my clothes size hasn’t changed and I am feeling good!


Coming back to uni is always something I look forward to as it means I am in control of what I do and what I eat rather than having to rely on my family. As people in the UK know, the first week back at university is freshers week. With this being our final year we wanted to make the most of it, and of course we did! I went out 5 nights of the week, and didn’t eat as well as I had hoped. With the mix of food and drink I put on more weight than I wished to and I was very unhappy that it all happened in a week! I tried not to be too hard on myself as I did have a great time, but its hard to see your hard work quickly disappear! At the beginning of my second week I decided to start Slim Fast to drop the pounds I had put on. I know this is not a healthy way to lose weight, but due to my sleeping pattern I was missing out on lunch, so this fast fix meant I would be getting more ‘food’ into me. I am thankful to say that a week and a half on I have lost the weight, possibly even more, and am happy to be back to being myself!

I have now got myself back in a better routine with food and work, and am back to eating healthy but with the occasional treat. I am excited about this year and the challenges I am going to face but I am back on clean eating and back at the gym (I even have friends to go to classes with now – the motivation everyone needs!) so I am on track and my goal is still to loose weight until I and I alone am happy!


I am going to try start using my instagram a lot more now so make sure to follow me (hannahschange)! Until next time!

H xx

Remember why your doing it…

Today my auntie and I were talking about weight when she asked me what my secret is. She then followed this up with ‘you look so slim, trim and healthy!’. Normally when people comment on it I always pick up on ‘slim’, however today ‘healthy’ was the one I have been thinking about all day. I have never had someone say that I look healthy, and it got me thinking. I have never felt better in myself, I can do more than I ever have been able to and I see changes in myself and body every day. I realised that this is what I’ve been needing, reassurance that I am doing this for myself. No one but me. And I feel great for it!

I am more determined to now continue and drop the rest of the weight, but only for myself. Being healthy and happy is all I want, and today has made me realise I’m on my way there…

It’s been a while!

Well, I’ve been rubbish at this! I have my birthday post saved but not posted, I probably should get round to publishing it!

There’s been a couple of reasons I haven’t posted, the main being that I’ve been so busy it’s slipped my mind!

The other reason is that unfortunately I haven’t been able to write much about being healthy as I’ve had quite bad stomach issues. This has meant my diet has been up and down trying to find out what’s wrong and due to being at home I haven’t been working out! I’m hoping they should know what’s wrong within the next few weeks so I can get properly back on track!
At the minute I’ve cut gluten out of my diet, and have been for the last couple of weeks. This follows a week without dairy. This has proved harder than I thought but I’m getting through and have found myself eating better because of it!

I will try my best to blog more and share more stuff to keep myself on track!

Hope your all doing well!
Hannah xx


As my birthday weekend gets closer…

And when I say closer, I mean this weekend! I’m hitting the scary (well, scary to me anyway!) 20!

I’ve been saying to everyone who mentions it that I’m not having a birthday this year, I’m terrified of not being a teenager anymore and officially being an adult! Even though I already live away from home (6 hours to be exact!) and can cook, clean etc for myself it’s still quite a scary jump! However when it comes to having a bit of a celebration I’m not one to turn it down!

So technically my birthday weekend starts on saturday, with my birthday being on Monday, but I’m writing this now as I’m working until late tomorrow.
Since the weekend doesn’t start for another day I should still be sticking to my diet, which I have been doing until about half an hour ago! An impromptu trip to Asda I now have a bag of maltesers and a large milkshake next to me, some thinks I really shouldn’t be indulging in yet! Normally I would get through this bag easily, however I am halfway through and feel sick, this is something I’ve found my tea has been doing to me when I eat, mainly to tell me I don’t need whatever I’m eating and can stop now, which I guess is pretty good!

So anyway, back to the weekend and the many sins I’m going to try forget about! Unfortunately I’m working until late on Saturday, however I am still going out with a bunch of uni friends and celebrating the best way students know how! It’s going to be a rush to get home and ready in time after work, but I love having a challenge! So Saturday my main sin intake will be alcohol, as I now always try to mix with diet coke to take away those extra calories. And that will be it, I plan on eating normally and not binging so that shouldn’t be horrendously bad!
Sunday however is recovery day, something I can find very hard to deal with depending what I’ve had to drink the night before! I plan to nibble on fruit and whole meal toast throughout the day, until my grandparents send me a takeaway down as an early birthday treat. I still haven’t decided what I will have Sunday night as I don’t know what could be the best to have, so any suggestions would be highly appreciated! (I knew posting this in advance was a good idea!)
Monday however I should be back on track, as far as I know I haven’t got any plans to eat out and so I should be able to keep my eating on track. I guess my flatmates finally understand I’m not having a birthday!

So that’s it for my birthday weekend, not that much happening really! I will try to share some pictures next week so you can all see what I’ve been up to!
So what do you all get up to for your birthday? Do you forget about healthy eating for a little while and treat yourself or stick to what your doing?! I’d love to know what you all get up to!

Have a lovely weekend!

Hannah xoxo

What day is it anyway..?!

Today didn’t go off to the best of starts, I set my alarm for 8am, knowing I wouldn’t get up until 9/10 however my body thinks it’s Monday and I somehow managed to turn my alarm off in my sleep! I didn’t wake up until 11:40 and it still took me half an hour to get out of bed! (I am a student and my house is extremely cold!). I had a busy day planned and with a good 3 hours missing from the plan I thought it was all going to go downhill!

When I finally managed to drag myself out of bed I already knew I wasn’t going to go to the gym, with walking to and from as well as working out that’s 3-4 hours gone of my day, and it just had too much work to do that! So instead I went and made my Tinytea and worked out in my room. I’ve had PumpUp on my iPad for a while but never actually used it, so this morning I cracked the app open and used it for my workout! I had to skip some parts of the workout as I didn’t have the equipment at home, but overall I thought it was really good and I felt good afterwards!

I have so much uni work to do so after I had worked out and had breakfast I sat down and got on with some work, after 4 hours I thought it was time to have a little break!

Before I made dinner I made sure I had my cup of Tinytea, I forgot it yesterday and had to have it afterwards, I started looking through some of the recipes I have saved. I had one from Smart Recipies (from the change for life campaign) and decided to have the spaghetti carbonara. I made a couple of substitutions, I swapped the bacon for Turkey bacon as I don’t eat red meat, and cut out the milk (I’m also doing slimming world and so had cheese as my dairy of the day). I thought it might have turned out a bit strange without the milk but it was really nice and extremely filling! Definitely something I will make again! Below is a crappy picture of my dinner!


So overall I haven’t had as productive a day as I had planned, but I still got quite a lot done and I’m happy with how it’s gone! I haven’t snacked as much and I’m avoiding my sweet treats!

Weekly weigh in…

So this morning I had my weekly weigh-in with Slimming World online! Over the last few weeks the numbers have pretty much stayed the same due to my healthy eating not being quite on track, but I felt good about it this morning!

So last week I was tying to get back into healthy eating, so my meals were good but I still had problems with sweet snacks and added extras. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t have lost anything again, however I have managed to lose 1 1/2 lbs! It isn’t really a lot but I’m happy I’ve lost something! That means I am only 2lbs away from losing a stone!! That number I am happy about!

Here’s to hoping this week goes well and my detox helps me loose just a little bit more so I have the motivation to keep going!

Setting myself back up..

These last few weeks haven’t been as good as I had hoped. I haven’t eaten as healthily as I should have and I haven’t been to the gym as much as I should have.

I found that when I was on my Bootea detox I was a lot more motivated to stay on track, and so because of this I have decided to do another ‘teatox’. This time I am trying the Yourtea Tinytea detox. All I have heard about this is great reviews for many different aspects of life and I am so excited to start!

I start my new teatox tomorrow, exactly a week before my birthday. I know next weekend I am going to be cheating quite a bit with birthday celebrations, but I am determined to work so hard during the week it doesn’t make a difference!

I have my weekly weigh in tomorrow so I will post with how that went and then keep you updated on the detox!